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Do you need your ROOF Inspected?

How do you know when you should have your roof inspected? Here are a couple tips that will help most home owners answer this questions.

1. Spots showing up on the interior of your home.

2. Finding pieces of your roof on the ground outside the house, or you can see parts of the roof missing or displaced from the ground.

3. Your roof is 15+ years old.

4. You don't know the current age of your roof.

5. You are considering selling your home.

6. You are considering buying a new home.

7. You have had significant Hail or High winds in your area.

8. Your neighborhood has a lot of roofing activity.

9. You can see areas of the roof are lifted or buckling.

10. You know the roof is old and it should have been looked at or replaced years ago.

CALL 435 Roofing today and get a free inspection on your roof. We will give you our honest opinion and only recommend what you need today and what you may potentially need in the future. Call us today, 913-444-0725.

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